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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Tuesday 3/28/2017


Everyone has been armchair quarterbacking the failed Republican health care reform proposal. While there were some positives to the bill, there was also a laundry list of negatives. HealthInsuranceMentors.com founder C.Steven Tucker joined Dan with his own list of the pros and cons with the ObamaCare replacement.


One possible solution to the health care situation is for patients and physicians to deal directly with each other and skip the middle man. Dr. Chad Savage in Michigan has founded “YourChoice Direct Care” which aims to do just that. He joined Dan Proft to talk about his practice.


Author and Columnist Andrew Klavan also joined Dan Proft with reaction to the failure of the Republican health insurance reform bill.


Top House Democrats on Monday called on the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to recuse himself from the panel’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Former US Army officer and Fox News Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Dan Proft to talk about the latest twists and turns in the Russia investigation.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned Sanctuary Cities around the country that there will be consequences if they refuse to enforce federal law when it comes to immigration policy. Meanwhile, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that Chicago will always be a “welcoming city.” Dan believes this is just the left once again changing the language of the debate.


Meanwhile, in 2015, the City of Chicago’s two employee pension funds paid out $999 million to 29,286 retirees. But, according to the Illinois Department of Insurance, which tracks public pensions, the two funds themselves only generated $90 million in investment income that year.


Is Donald Trump the “Punk Rock” of politics? Former Sex Pistol John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, was on morning TV in Great Britain and made some surprising statements. Lydon came out in support of Brexit claiming the working class had spoken and that he would stand by them. He also claimed he could see a possible friendship in Donald Trump, praising his ability to terrify politicians.


Campus Watch: Canada’s McMaster University was the site of a clash between free speech advocates and trans-sexual rights demonstrators this week, at what was supposed to be a debate about a new law in that country criminalizing offensive speech on the basis of gender identity. One of the speakers, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, has gained national attention in 2017 for his public stand against the idea that government can put regulations on individuals’ speech, who was shouted down by protesters.


You could own a piece of Chicago cinematic history. The four-bedroom red brick colonial, etched into 1980’s lore as the home of protagonist Samantha Baker in John Hughes’ legendary comedy, Sixteen Candles, is back on the market again, this time for $1.425 million.