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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Monday 4/17/2017


Diana Rickert with the Illinois Policy Institute has been taking a look at the completely ridiculous bills making their way through the state legislature. Believe it or not, she still had time to join Amy Jacobson and Shaun Thompson:


Lissa Druss Christman is a crisis communications expert with Serafin and Associates. She joined Amy and Shaun with reaction to United’s handling of the incident with Dr. Dao being dragged off of an airplane at O’Hare:


Vice President Mike Pence is visiting South Korea just as their neighbors to the north had a failed missile test over the weekend. Pence says the US is ending the policy of “Strategic Patience.” What does that mean? Amy and Shaun talked with former Pentagon official Jed Babbin:


Lee Strobel the former Legal Editor for the Chicago Tribune joined Amy Jacobson and Shaun Thompson to talk about the new movie The Case For Christ, which is based on his experience:


North Korea’s failed missile launch Saturday fits into the country’s “pattern of provocative behavior,” but there is an international consensus now, including with the leadership of China, that such actions can’t continue, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Sunday.


There were protests all around the country over the weekend calling for President Trump to release his tax records. Sarah Silverman joined the protests in New York.


The state of Arizona spent $9.5 million on a new overpass to help avoid accidents. It wasn’t for pedestrians, it was for wildlife cross the road.


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) was back on Saturday Night Live apologizing for his comments about Hitler.