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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Tuesday 4/18/2017


President Trump says he will not “telegraph” what he will do in North Korea. Meanwhile, the North Korean government says that thermonuclear war could break out “at any moment.” What will happen next? Lt. Col. Cedric Leighton, who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Council joined Amy Jacobson and Shaun Thompson with analysis:


Vice President Mike Pence is touring Asia and made an unexpected stop on the Korean border on Monday. Ed Morrissey the Senior Editor for HotAir.com joined Amy and Shaun to talk about the trip and also what’s going on at the White House and in Washington this week:


President Trump will be north of the Cheddar Curtain later today. He’ll be visiting Snap-on Inc. to try to help encourage companies to create manufacturing jobs. Fox News Radio National Correspondent Jeff Monosso joined Amy and Shaun with details on the visit.


The New York Post is suggesting a solution to Chicago’s crime problem. They say what we need here is a Mayor like Rudy Giuliani.


Rep. Maxine Waters renewed her call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump at a Tax Day rally in D.C. this past weekend.


Today is Tax Day for Americans across the country, though Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that no one should expect President Donald Trump to release his tax returns for 2016.


The search for a suspect who police believe randomly shot a man walking along a Cleveland-area sidewalk on Sunday before posting a video of the fatal shooting on Facebook broadened nationwide on Monday as officials acknowledged that they did not know where the man was and announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.


A Justice Department letter revealed that former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. informed prosecutors about his “other possible” crimes and offered to record conversations during a federal investigation while on home detention in 2015, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.


Some schools have banned running at recess. No, really, kids can’t run, because, you know, they could get hurt. They could also get hurt standing still. Are we at the point where we have to wrap all kids in bubble wrap?