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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Thursday 4/20/2017


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that the Trump administration is reviewing whether to relist North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. Former Washington Post journalist Frank Ahrens spend three years living in South Korea as an executive for Hyundai. He joined Dan and Amy with insight on the situation on the Korean peninsula:


President Trump spoke this week at the headquarters of Snap-On Inc, a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he announced a new ‘Hire American, Buy American’ executive order. The order is said to make changes to the temporary visa program to incentivize businesses to hire fewer foreign workers and require federal agencies to buy goods and services primarily from U.S. companies. CNN Senior Economist Stephen Moore joined Dan and Amy with reaction:


Despite his high ratings, FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly wouldn’t be returning to the cable news network after his scheduled vacation ends later this week. That decision was formally announced today by the network.


New York Times columnist Frank Bruni moderated a ‘Times Talks’ discussion between legendary feminist Camille Paglia and ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host Andy Cohen about life in the Trump era. Paglia says that she believes Donald Trump would be re-elected the way things currently stand.


Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots interrupts Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing. The Patriots and Gronk were at the White House on Wednesday to celebrate winning a Super Bowl and Gronk decided to join Spicer’s press briefing.


A report by WalletHub has found that Illinois has the costliest state and local tax burden in the country. Statewide, the median Illinois household pays $8,162 in annual state and local taxes, including sales taxes, property taxes and income taxes.


Having solved all other problems in the state of Illinois, one state lawmaker wants to take steps to regulate trampolines.