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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Wednesday 5/10/2017


In announcing Tuesday’s unexpected removal of FBI director James Comey, President Donald Trump wrote a letter saying the ousted head of the agency is “not able to effectively lead the Bureau.”

Dan and Amy got reaction to the decision from former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy:


Dan and Amy also got reaction to the Comey dismissal from David Drucker, the Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent for the Washington Examiner:


Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom also joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the firing:


CNN Senior Economist Stephen Moore joined Dan and Amy to talk Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy and the economics of the GOP health care plan:



Liberal celebrities, politicos and talking heads lost their minds on Tuesday after it was announced that President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Many likened the move to the famed Saturday Night Massacre when President Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox who was looking into the Watergate scandal.


Some 70 percent of City of Chicago employees earn more than six figures, according to an analysis of Illinois municipal compensation by Local Government Information Services.


The walls outside bathrooms on the taxpayer-funded campus of Northern Arizona University now feature signs informing students that they have “pee privilege” if they aren’t transgender or don’t have cross-dressing fetishes. Campus Reform obtained photos of three different signs. Two of them contain multi-color graphics and appear to be professionally made.


Disturbing video began circulating the internet earlier this week, showing a young man pick up a woman, drop her onto the ground, drag her to a swimming pool, and throw her in. The video went viral before any details came out regarding who was involved or when it happened. Now the young man’s lawyer says he’s a good kid. Meanwhile, the victim has come forward, saying she wants him to learn a lesson.