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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Tuesday 8/29/2017


Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the new deal on school funding in the state of Illinois, and also shared his thoughts on Governor Rauner’s decision to sign the Trust Act that essentially turns Illinois into a sanctuary state:


Dr. Michael Mann is a Professor of Surgery and Director of the Cardiothoracic Translations Research Lab at the University of California and a former doctor for the Veterans Administration. He joined Dan and Amy to talk about his experience in the VA and his new book “Mission Betrayed: How the VA Really Fails America’s Vets”:


The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) owes $24.6 billion to the Treasury. Most of it covered claims from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Superstorm Sandy in 2012, and floods in 2016, the program’s third most severe loss-year on record with losses exceeding $4 billion. More from Tyler Cowen.


Victor Davis Hanson for American Greatness: Trump – compared to what?


North Korea has fired a ballistic missile that passed over Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters early Tuesday. Later Tuesday, Abe said the missile was an unprecedented, serious and grave threat to Japan. The Japanese prime minister said he would ask the United Nations to up the pressure on Pyongyang.


In a surprisingly accurate report contrary to the establishment media’s recent tendency to downplay Antifa violence, The Washington Post recounted visceral details Monday of the violence the anti-fascists unleashed on “peaceful right-wing demonstrators.”


More than 14,000 votes were cast in Chicago during the 2016 general election than there were voters to cast them, based on separate figures released by the Chicago Board of Elections.


Prairie State Wire analysis of lobbyist Nancy Kimme’s work over the past two years shows that, among her new lobbyist peers, Kimme has been unrivaled — both in her profligacy and success rate.