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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Wednesday 8/30/2017


John Pfaff is a Professor of Law at Fordham University and author of “Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration and How To Achieve Real Reform.” He joined Dan and Amy as part of our special series of interviews looking at criminal justice reform on the state and federal level:


CNN Senior Economist Stephen Moore joined Dan and Amy to talk about the potential economic impact of Hurricane Harvey in Texas:


North Korea’s government says their launch of a missile over Japan iss a prelude to more military operations directed at the American territory of Guam. Washington Time columnist Cliff May the President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the latest threat:


CNN’s Rosa Flores spoke to a mother at a shelter in Houston, and the clearly distraught mother made an emotional plea on camera for reporters to stop putting microphones in the faces of people going through “their worst times.”


President Trump spoke to a group of people outside the Corpus Christi firehouse this afternoon, telling the people of Texas, “We love you! You are special, we’re here to take care. It’s going well.”


Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee awkwardly confused “Sandy Hook” with “Hurricane Sandy” during a Tuesday interview on CNN.


WSJ: Hurricane learning curve.


Former Hillary Staffer Triggered By Pic Of Man With Confederate Flag On His Boat Rescuing People.


In the aftermath of a right-wing rally Sunday that ended with anarchists chasing attendees from a downtown park, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin urged UC Berkeley on Monday to cancel conservatives’ plans for a Free Speech Week next month.