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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Tuesday 9/12/2017


Jeff Coen is a Political Reporter for the Chicago Tribune and author of “Golden: How Rod Blagojevich Talked Himself Out of the Governor’s Office & Into Prison”. He joined Dan and Amy with reaction to Blago’s first interview behind bars:


New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin joined Dan and Amy with reaction to Steve Bannon’s interview on 60 Minutes and the potential for a civil war in the Republican party:


Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy joined Dan and Amy to talk about the prospects for tax reform in Congress, and also shared his reaction to the deal President Trump made with the Congressional Democrats on the debt ceiling:


Former Governor Rod Blagojevich has given his first interview since going to prison five and half years ago. His current job is cleaning floors in the prison, after spending his first couple of months teaching. He doesn’t express any remorse for what he did, but he did say that he forgives the prosecutor and judge who ruled against him.


White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly issued a stinging response to Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez, after the Illinois lawmaker said Kelly’s position on DACA qualified him as a “disgrace to the uniform he used to wear.” “As far as the congressman and other irresponsible members of congress are concerned, they have the luxury of saying what they want as they do nothing and have almost no responsibility.”


TMZ caught up with former Bears player and coach Mike Ditka and asked him about players like Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem. As you might imagine, Ditka is not a fan.


Miss America 2018 on ABC aired September 10th and throughout the show, donations for hurricane relief were solicited for those affected in both Texas and Florida. Politics dominated the final question competition and it was all about President Trump.


A 12-year-old Australian transgender boy, who transitioned into a girl two years ago, is featured in an upcoming episode of Australian “60 Minutes” – where he reveals that he no longer wants to be a girl.


Bethany Mandel for The Federalist: How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage.