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Chicago’s Morning Answer Show Notes: Monday 9/25/2017


President Trump took a shot at athletes kneeling for the national anthem on Friday night. The comment caused Warriors Star Stephen Curry to reconsider visiting the White House, which caused Trump to rescind the invitation. The fight between Trump and Curry then caused more NFL players to kneel for the anthem in support of both Curry and Colin Kapernick, who started the protest last season. NBA.com Senior Writer Steve Aschburner joined Dan and Amy with reaction to the fracas.


Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson is in hot water after she re-tweeted an anti-semitic article late last week. She apologized, but also said the article had good insights. Former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz joined Dan and Amy with reaction:


President Donald Trump has fired back at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after he defended his players who kneel for the National Anthem.  The response follows Goodell’s statement that accused the president of  being divisive while calling his players a “force for good.” President Trump has been feuding with athletes since he called those who kneel for the anthem, sons of bitches in a speech on Friday.


Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin explained on Sunday morning why his team would remain in the locker room during the national anthem in their game against the Bears. He didn’t want his team to be part of a political discussion, or there to be division in the locker room as a result of players protesting or not protesting. But in the end there was one player who took the field, offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva. Villenueva is a US military veteran.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a former BYU kicker, has introduced a bill that would revoke the 501(6)(c) tax-exempt status of “major professional sports leagues.”